Acta Bio Medica Atenei Parmensis

Expression of the Society of Medicine and Natural Sciences of Parma, Acta Bio Medica is now one of the few Italian generals reviewed publications on major international databases.
Divided into sections on research, case studies and updated monograph, is a training tool for broad spectrum close to the most recent advances of modern medical science.

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Vol 84, No 3 (2013)

Acta Bio Medica

Table of Contents

Focus on

Volume-outcome relationship in colon cancer surgery: another biased logical short cut towards questionable centralization policies PDF
Vincenzo Violi, Renato Costi, Massimo De Bernardinis, Clara Pavlidis, Luigi Roncoroni 171-180

Original articles

“GIOCAMPUS” - An effective school-based intervention for breakfast promotion and overweight risk reduction PDF
Maurizio Vanelli, Giorgia Monti, Elio Volta, Viviana Finestrella, Dimitra Gkliati, Marta Cangelosi, Roberto Caragnulo, Marco Vitale, Lisa Ingrosso, Francesca Scazzina 181-188
Suggested Teicoplanin as an anti-methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus agent in infections of severely poisoned intensive care unit patients PDF
Alireza Salimi, Haleh Talaie, Mohsen Rezaie Hemami, Arezou Mahdavinejad, Behjat Barari Barari, Parmis Razi, Sepideh Kamalbeik 189-195
Medial Neck Femoral Fractures: Algorithm of Treatment and the Use of F.G.L. ™ Memory Shape Stem PDF
Filippo Calderazzi, Agostino Ricotta, Paolo Schiavi, Francesco Ceccarelli 196-201
Plating in diaphyseal fractures of the forearm PDF
Claudio Iacobellis, Carlo Biz 202-211
Total elbow arthroplasty following traumas: mid-term results. PDF
Francesco Pogliacomi, Cristina Galavotti, Michele Cavaciocchi, Maurizio Corradi, Roberto Rotini, Francesco Ceccarelli 212-218
Isolated fractures of the greater tuberosity in proximal humerus: does the direction of displacement influence functional outcome? An analysis of displacement in greater tuberosity fractures PDF
Michele Arcangelo Verdano, Davide Aliani, Andrea Pellegrini, Paolo Baudi, Giuseppe Pedrazzi, Francesco Ceccarelli 219-228

Case Reports

Accidental mushroom poisoning mimicking stroke. A case report and literature review PDF
Ivan Comelli, Giuseppe Lippi, Attilio De Blasio, Gianfranco Cervellin 229-233
Paravertebral block for patients older than 80 years in one day surgery elective mastectomy PDF
Christian Compagnone, Eleonora Schiappa, Daniele Bellantonio, Gianluca Ghirardi, Elisabetta Rossini, Fernanda Tagliaferri, Guido Fanelli 234-236
Return to run after partial amputation of the ankle: clinical assessment and instrumental evaluation PDF
Alessio Pedrazzini, Francesco Ceccarelli, Alessandra Martelli, Letizia Marenghi, Federica Petraglia, Davide Romiti, Cosimo Costantino 237-243

Letters to the Editors

NAFLD: a sign of “early aging”? PDF
Reza Rastamanesh, Roberto Catanzaro, Josè Sollano, Francesco Marotta 244-245
The perception of the ageing process through time: historical highlights PDF
Andrea Alberto Conti 246-247

ISSN: 0392-4203